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Upcoming Events

So much to see, so many

things to do.  Hurry up 

Spring 2013!!


Antiques Specialty Auction

March 13 - Auction Barn

11: AM - 5: PM Wed



Antique toy Auction

April 17   9: AM - 5:pm


Kite Komotion

April 27, 11: A.M.- 3: P.M

Catalynje Buffalo

Fiber Store

will be opening for

for the summer.


Shipshewana Mayfest

May 3 & 4

Parade Sat 10:00 A.M.

Garden and Antique Show

May 4 8: AM - 4: PM   

Shipshewana Flea Market

Opens for the summer

May 7, 8, Tue and Wed.

8: AM - 5: PM

Shipshewana Extended Flea Market

May 27, 28, 29  Mon, Tue Wed.


My shop will be closed

June 15 all day for

Cook's Bison Ranch

Calf Days Fun Festival

I will be there spinning 

and to watch the new calves

You are all welcome

Quilt Festival 

June 26 - 29

Wed, Thur, Fri. Sat


Independence Day extended sale

July 2,3,4  Tue, Wed, Thurs


Michigan Fiber Festival

Allegan Michigan Fair Grounds

August 15, 16, 17, 18 2013

Same place outside

Same tent,  New stuff!

See Ya There! Old stuff Too.


Labor Day Extended Sale

Sept 2, 3, 4 Mon, Tue, and Wed


Fall Crafters Fair

Oct 3, 4, 5 Thur, Fri, Sat

Huge, Fun, Food,

Crafts everywhere.


Catch the Spirit of

Christmas in Shipshewana

Events throughout Nov and Dec.

Thousands of lights, Parade

Music decorations and

Holiday foods.


Shipshewana Ice Festival

Dec 27 - 28

Ice sculptures throughout town.

Have a great time in Shipshee!!











































In 2004 I Googled my great-grandfather, Waltus Van Fleet and his sweet wife, my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Raplee Van Fleet. I was one of the older grandchildren so I remembered living with their memory and their names were familiar. As websites popped up in answer to the search, it was evident that they were both great-decendants of Joris and Catalynje Trico Rapalje. Catalynje's story as a newlywed teenager who came to New Amsterdam was so new and adventuresome to me! They were my family, and they became my adventure too.

As a spinner, I have been blending buffalo fiber, silk and other exotic fibers for a while and have enjoyed the creativity. The lives of Joris and Catalynje are real to me. They came to this new world with young lives, experienced with spinning and weaving of silk, just as their families had been more that 500 years prior in the silk and textile industry of old Europe. That was the answer for me...that joy I had when working with fiber must have been the way they felt starting new lives in New Amsterdam.

A warm welcome to my company, website, and little green shop here in Shipshewana, Indiana! Please take a look at my site, and stop by my shop to buy and see the spinning of buffalo fiber, and enjoy a little of what I’ve learned about Catalynje!

 New Sign


Watch for my sign on the Garden Gate Cafe sign post.


A happy customer wears her newly hand knitted buffalo fiber sweater back for a visit.





   Watch for the Rope story to unfold!






  American Indians used every inch and every ounce of the bison .