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Fiber Shows

Watch for upcoming Fiber Show dates. Visit the Catalynje Buffalo Fibers vendor booths!    We will be out to some of our "Old Favorites" this year as we have closed our Shipshewana Shop.   Richard is retired now and we will be traveling out to meet our old friends and make new ones.  We will have our beautiful buffalo fiber,  and his 'BUFFIE SPINNERS" ;   



Wayne County Fair Grounds,  Wooster, Ohio     


MICHIIGAN FIBER FESTIVAL     August  19, 20 and 21.  Allegan County Fair Grounds,

Allegan, Michigan    Free Admission on Friday. 

We want to welcome our old friends and our new friends who shopped and visited our store in Shipshewana.  Back by popular demand our   MAGIC STRIPES  AND WILD COLORS.


We want to thank all of you who are enjoying our Buffy E spinners and would like to bring in any old bands or oilers and Richard will replace it for you.   Bring Buffie along and sit and spin some buffalo fiber again.

We will be in our same white canvas tent  on main street with other outdoor vendors.  You  will find all of your favorite buffalo fibers, beautful Border Leicester hand dyed satany shiny curls and ringlets.   “Buffy” electric spinners waiting to be tried out and spun on, use your fiber or ours, bands, oilers,    Buff Cuffs Socks, and other buffalo fiber gifts.  Our Bufffy Spun" hand spun yarns are ready for your warm up projects for next winter. If you would like to pick out your color I will spin it for you and mail it.

 It will be easier to find  us there,  as we have hung our permanent Catalynje Buffalo Fiber Co. sign and  has included   YARN SHOP  in the name..  It was hanging on the Courtyard of Arts directory pole which fronts on Morton St, the Historical old Main Street of Shipshewana.


West Branch, Michigan    Ogamaw County Fair Grounds   Food,  Fun,  and Fiber

Beautiful Country Autumn Setting in our Northern Michigan woods.


For your convenience, we will spin our beautiful Buffalo Fiber prepared by us from field shed buffalo fiber 

into the softest, warmest yarns for your craft and knitting projects.  Call or email for free sample packet of beautiful Buffalo Fiber.    








The Green Cottage


Now that my LITTLE GREEEN COTTAGE IS THE LITTLE SHOP OF MY DREAMS,  It will only exist in my dreams and be the home of my web sight.   Catalynje and I will be going back there to work at times when you want to stop by the WWW.BUFFALOFIBERCO.COM and spend a moment or two with us.  We still go there to chat and spin yarns and listen for the clopping of the horses hooves and dig in the flower gardens.  Mostly we go back to design colors and fiber blends and yarn textures and tease and card the buffalo and yearn for the old days.  We knit the warmest fiber on earth for our loved ones.  While we spin we remember the days that you stopped by to spend a few minutes to watch and to meet Catalynje, my Colonial Grandmother who came here with her young husband, on the first West Indies ship with farmers and tradesmen to settle in a new land.  Maybe to be in the silk spinning trade that their familys had done for many years, or maybe much much more. 

She became  the old Grandame of Old New York to have 150 Grand decendants before she passed.  What a treasure to able to start a new country with your own will and for God to be at home there.  She will be helping me always as we will be at the Green Cottage to remember and spin yarns.

In our Fiber Show Booths you will be able to stop by and be in the heart of the Green Cottage of old and have a hands on time with our Buffie Spinneror watch socks being knit on an antique sock-knitting machine. The Green Cottage offers many wonderful surprises, and it’s worth your time to dig and hunt for one -of-a-kind fibers and gifts!




Baskets of Buffalo Roving and new Spring Colors of 

blending fiber in the Green Cottage.  Also available

on line.  I can blend or create your favorite color for a

special project.  Blend can also be with a combination

of silk, mohair, alpaca and exotic sheep wools with

soft, warm and beautiful Buffalo Roving for

your spinning pleasure or I will hand spin it for you at

the Cottage.  $10.00 an 0unce.




Buffalo Fibers

You’ve seen the basic sheep wool...you’ve probably even seen Alpaca fibers...but have you considered using Buffalo Fibers?

Buffalo fleece and fibers have a distinctly unique quality to them that provides strength and durability while maintaining a softness that rivals even the silky feel of cashmere. Known for it’s high insulation, the crimpy down undercoat of Bison can be used for many fine hand-knitting projects and even as a weaving yarn for small rugs.



Buffalo fiber on the left is naturally dehaired shed in the field and along their trails.

I use only the beautiful fiber shed every Spring by the magnificient bison.  My batts and

rovings are processed by me without the use of any harsh chemicals.  My batt on the

right is ready to be used for your favorite spinning or felting project.  They are silkey and

smooth and ready for the enjoyment of preparing your own soft and warm buffalo yarns.

They are sold in the beautiful natural brown of our American Buffalo or at your request

blended with any other exotic or beautiful fiber.  They are featured in my Green

Cottage Store, on line, or at our next fiber show.   As they have always been $10.00 an ounce.





Catalynje Fibers                            $10.00/oz.

We are pleased to be able to always provide natural brown buffalo spinning roving. This roving is continually kept in stock and only uses a minimal amount of blend as a base for handling in the spinning process.

Catalynje Buffalo Fibers also offers a varying selection of blends to choose from. These hand-spun yarns can be bought or ordered in custom-blended colors to your liking or ours!

Blends Available








Fiber Spinners                                  $375.00


  Buffie Spinner with Lazy Kate

Our “Buffy” electric spinner is featured in our new store in Shipshewana, at our vendor booth at fiber shows and also here online! Please stop by to see “her” in operation! It is our pleasure to schedule one-on-one lessons and instructions on how to operate “Buffy” should you like to purchase this spinner. Please call ahead appointment times.


Buffie can be ordered on line and mailed.  She includes a Jumbo flyer with 3 bobbins,  Lazy Kate,  oiler and extra drive band.   Her motor features a reversing mode so with the click of switch she will do your plying.



 “Bufcufs"  Socks                          $35.00

Our “BufCuf” Socks are made of the softest, silkiest Buffalo fibers and are available in a variety of blends. Always knitted on our antique sock knitting machine, you are assured a warmth and durability to heat the coldest of toes!